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Air Condtion

Steps to Take Before You Turn On Your Furnace


The warm days of summer are being replaced by cool morning and windy afternoons, and that means it's time to cover your central air conditioner and switch on your furnace. However, there is more to turning your furnace on than simply flipping a switch.

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2 Tune-Ups for Your Gas Furnace To Do Before the Cold Weather Hits


The weather can be very unpredictable in the United States, especially during the winter months. If your gas furnace isn't ready to take on these unpredictable changes, it could fail. In addition, the inside of your home could become as cold as the weather outside, which places your family and pets at risk for cold season illnesses. It's essential that you check and maintain the most important parts of your furnace, including its air filtering system and air ducts. Here are two things you can do now to get your gas furnace ready before the cold weather hits your area.

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